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Some stories come out of you organically. This one is one of them. It was inside of me my whole life and it was time for it to see the light of day. I had an urgent need to not only re-connect with the woman who gave me so much love as a child but also to try to understand and connect with my own biological mother. By going back to the place of my birth I had a chance to do all of that and more. 

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Returning to Cuba and more importantly, shooting in Cuba was not an easy feat. It took courage to go back in time to a place where I had so many unanswered questions, so many lost childhood memories, so much generational pain. The Cuba I experienced is not the Cuba we left. The country is isolated, run-down, there is a lack of the most basic goods and freedoms and yet this personal exploration gave me the chance to come full circle and come home to myself. 

I also wanted to celebrate the caretakers in my life: my two moms. I wanted to invite the audience to look back at their own lives and see who really made a difference and helped them become the human beings they are today. 

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